The Move

Well my possibly-loyal-if-I-ever-posted readers, my life seems to be about moving and change recently.

Last month my husband and I packed up and moved from Southern Manitoba to Northern Ontario…  Which actually worked out to be a pretty much due east move (in fact, I just checked, and we may actually be even more “south” than we were before!). Ha ha. Anyway, after we moved, we decided to put out the money to get us each a blackberry instead of getting a home phone. So far the decision has proved to be a wise one.

The reason I am telling you this not-very-interesting phone story is to explain why I made the switch to WordPress.

They have a blackberry app. Livejournal doesn’t. At least not that I could find.

Therefore, whala! (Or however you would spell that) I immediately ditched livejournal. So far, I’m enjoying it. It will take me a while to find a template I like, but you know what? I am loving the fact that I am curled up in bed, and posting on my blog. I’m hoping it will help keep me motivated and posting more often… And who knows, maybe the fact that I’m typing with my thumbs will help me keep my posts short (at least we can all hope!)

Until next time,
May God Bless your socks off


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