friday night

I must admit, Friday night seems like the time to do things more exciting than blog. Of course, when you work at a church, weekends tend to lose some of they’re “wonderfully fun and relaxing” shine.

No longer can you countdown the workdays, ecstatic when Friday comes and ready to blow of some steam… Friday is actually when your week starts to gear up, ’cause let’s be honest, most church events happen on the weekend.

I find it very difficult to have a regularly scheduled day off these days – living at the church also makes it difficult to ever leave it behind.

This weekend is especially packed because I will be preaching – for the first time since we moved to Thunder Bay, and, I’m also working a bit at my second job tomorrow… Not that I haven’t done that before.

This sermon has been proceeded by a lot of praying, and I’m thinking may be another first for me – I believe that I may use The Message for my scriptures, and nothing else.

I’ve never loved The Message before, but in the past few weeks I’ve felt enriched everytime I read from it. It also goes with the general theme of speaking to people’s hearts – which is what I want to do on Sunday. Well, I want someone else to be speaking to their hearts on Sunday, I just want to help.

Well, I’m tired. Time to go to bed! I’ve got work and sermonizing tomorrow.

God Bless


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