Spiders of Past & Present

Well, today has been a fairly busy day for me. Woke up happy, discovered spider larger than a twoonie next to the bed. Freaked out, got husband to deal with it. Then made him comfort me and assure me that more of them wouldn’t be coming after me.

Had shower. Got back to bedroom, headed into the bathroom (en suite) and discovered another spider (a little one) husband didn’t seem too interested in dealing with it for me this time, so I tried to get Belle, the dog we were baby-sitting to kill it for me. Didn’t work, she just scared it away by sniffing it.

Head to work, start sweeping… Only to discover, yet again, another spider. It made me jump, but after closer inspection, I discovered it was merely a spider skeleton, so I was able to deal with it swiftly.

As I lie here in bed thinking about spiders, it makes me think of when my family was living in China for a year, and for at least the first month (not sure how long it was, but it seemed like quite a long time), I wouldn’t go to sleep unless my Dad was in bed with me. I was certain that the spiders were going to get me. I remember every morning when I woke up being afraid to open my eyes because I was sure if I did I would see a spider on the other side of the misquito net, lying in wait for me.

Why am I sharing this story? Just to let you random readers out there know that my Dad is pretty awesome, and when I was a kid, he protected me from spiders – real and imagined.

Thanks Dad 🙂

Oh, and Dad, to set your mind at ease, Drew’s doing a pretty good job of protecting me from both now too. Except when he tries to make me face my fears. I don’t like that so much. 😉


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