He Speaks

There are so many things I could say right now… And explanation of my long absence, the fifty million things God has been trying to teach me during my hiatus… And I will share them eventually, but not tonight.

Tonight I am simply going to share with you that I have had a crazy-awesome mind-blowing God day. God has been speaking a lot of things to me lately and today a lot of them came together…

I am so excited about the things that God wants to do… They aren’t on a huge level, they are just… It’s just exciting when God reveals things to you, no matter how small, and you know that your listening to Him makes a difference.

I am excited tonight because I do not want a “doctrine” to apply to my life, I do not want a “program” to run, I do not want a “code of ethics” to evaluate my actions by… I want to live a life that is BIG by God’s standards – a life that is live WITH Him, the way that He wants it lived… And He’s starting to reveal to me what that will look like for me.

I do not want to conform to ANYTHING in this world, but be transformed by HIM – be truly affected by Him deep in my spirit, and by that, affect those around me.

He’s been speaking to me about exactly HOW I’m supposed to go about living my life, and it’s exciting – really exciting.

I by no means have the whole picture – He’s giving things to me piece by piece… But as I said, I’m excited where this whole following Him whole-heartedly thing is leading.


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