Whole New World

I think maybe, I could do amazing things.

Not me really… I think, I could be USED to do amazing things.

See, I believe that God cares about the world. I believe He cares about every single person in this world, and that He wants to bless all of His people – everyone He’s created. He wants them to know how loved they are.

But, He wants to use us to do it. It’s like crazy awesome, but He made me to bless the people around me. He did the same thing with you. He made you so that YOU could be an AWESOME blessing to other people.

Thing is, as humans, we are flawed. We tend to be kind of selfish, and even when we aren’t being selfish, we have a tendency to do the wrong thing when we are trying to help.

So, He is part of the process. He’s more than willing to be with us all the time, giving us direction, helping us to become better people, and giving us opportunities to truly make a difference in the world.

We just have to LISTEN to Him and actually DO what He asks us to to achieve it.

My problem is I have WAY too many voices in my head right now of what I am “supposed” to do, and it’s making it way more complicated. I am stressed to the max worried about what I am supposed to do and HOW I’m supposed to do it, and it’s making it harder to listen to Him, and THEN, even harder to OBEY because I’m so stressed about doing the RIGHT thing or what other people are going to think, that I’m not willing to take His hand, trust Him, and jump.

I don’t really have anything in my life figured out. I mean, I’m 26. Aren’t I supposed to have things at least a little figured out by now? I still feel like I’m 13, and terrified about everything. Sure, I’ve experienced moments of clarity in the past, but they never seem to last long enough.

Well, like my true 13-year-old self… I’m going to take my prince’s hand and jump.

I can’t listen to the do’s and don’ts. Not right now. I’m all about listening to advice and honoring the wisdom of those older than me… but sometimes, sometimes you have to jump.

Tonight, I want to put my hand in God’s close my eyes, and embark on a journey to… yep, a whole new world.

What, I warned you, I’m really a 13 year old in a 26 year old’s body – a 13 year old is allowed to reference Disney.


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