Light & Easy (Part Three)

I left off yesterday having just finished saying that I believe the knowledge of knowing that you did exactly what God asked you to do when He asked you may be the key to the light burden and easy yoke that Jesus talked about.

The difficulty is life, and ministry, don’t always seem to lend themselves to allow the – what would be a good word – space we need in our lives that aides us in hearing and obeying the voice of God.

We are busy people. Work, meetings, volunteering obligations, family, etc etc… sometimes it seems we can never get a moment to ourselves, and this hurts us in many ways. Among them, it hurts our ability to hear, and obey, God.

Psalm 46 has a famous line – “Be still and know that I am God” (v10).  When we don’t have much time to be still, it gets harder to hear God’s voice.

In our efforts to do what is right, to be what we think a “Christian” should be, to be what we think/are told a “pastor” should be – to help our church be all that we think a “church” should be – we can get overwhelmed, overworked, and not have any time (or just not enough) to Be Still and Know God.

Knowing God’s voice takes practice – and honestly, I believe that it’s something we can get out of practice with. When we start getting busier and stop listening as much, it gets harder and harder to hear Him.  When we are starting out, there are times when we have to take a step of faith and say “God, I think this is you, please let me know if it is” and take that step we think he is asking of us. After time and neglect, we need to get back into that careful evaluation of what we are listening to make sure again that it IS God’s voice we are listening to, not just something we want to hear.

So, being too busy makes it more difficult to HEAR the voice of God, but I also believe it makes it more difficult to OBEY the voice of God.

When we don’t have the luxury of extra time in our lives, when we start to feel the prompting of God to do something, we can start to dismiss it because it doesn’t fit in our schedules. The struggle with our selfish natures becomes more about our concern with our own survival then just our own desires. Our response may not be “I’m afraid” or “I don’t know if that’s you Lord” but becomes “I’m so busy I don’t think I can do that” or “Lord, I have so much on my plate right now there is no possible way I can add that too.”

And our busy schedules become our undoing because they wear us down by their very nature, but they also prevent us from pursuing the voice of God and filling our days and lives with all of those things that He has for us – we miss out on living with God in our attempt to live for Him. The work becomes too much – especially because the moments of ecstasy, those highs of knowing we are doing exactly what He wants of us at exactly the right moment – we do not get to experience them, or not as often as He wants us to.

This is just my thoughts on the whole idea so far. I have a feeling that God is going to keep teaching me about this, so right now, these are just the raw ideas. I welcome your feedback and ideas on any of this – do you find Christianity Light & Easy? Why? Why not? Do you think it actually is supposed to be?

Part Four will be about WHY I think  we tend to be so busy working in the church, and what God’s design for His “body” is.


2 thoughts on “Light & Easy (Part Three)

  1. I often hear people say that there just isn’t enough time. When I think about it, I have to ask, why would God not give us enough time everyday to do what we need to?

    The answer is actually simple, He has. We are just allowing ourselves to be distracted by the cares and worries of the world, embracing responsibilities not assign to us by our heavenly Father and trying to own things that demand our constant maintenance.

    If we were truly seeking first the Kingdom and His righteousness and focusing on our Father’s business we would find time, like grace, to be sufficient.



    • Thanks William – I really appreciate your comments!

      I agree that if we focus on what God has “assigned us” (I like your use of that phrase) we would DEFINITELY find time to be sufficient.

      Later today I’ll be posting part four – and in it I try to address part of the reason that we pick up all these other things that AREN’T what God assigned us to do, but we feel we have to.

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