Making it Happen

So… it’s pretty easy to talk about how we need to listen to God’s voice – to talk about how as churches, we need to figure out how to be the “body” how to focus on what each of us as individuals & units where made to do/be… (See Light & Easy parts 1-4)

But how do we start to implement it?

How do we change a system where the pastor is expected to do everything – preach, provide the vision, visit the sick, provide counselling, head up all the administrative work…

Where churches, no matter the size, feel the need to have a women’s program, men’s program, seniors program, kid’s program, a thriving worship program…

How do we do this when our very system seems to suggest that the very things that God has called you to be, the gifts that He has given you, aren’t enough? When you constantly feel that you have to do more, to BE more?

I believe in the power of the church. I believe that we are the bride of Christ… I believe that the BEAUTY of the bride is not in all that she does, but in who she is, who she was created to be, and the glow that resonates from her love of her groom.

A neurotic, overworked obsessed with perfection bride? Not quite as pretty.

I just don’t know how to implement this in my life, in my work… is there any way we can work within our current system, our “heavy” system and make it “lighter”?

I’m not even talking about a major revamp – not right off the bat, I’m all for slow change – but what’s the first step?

Let me know if you have any ideas.


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