Random Thought: Missing the Point

It seems to me like church is dying. In a general sense. There are still some churches out there that are beating the odds… but for the most part, churches are dying.

People always try to analyze the reason, figure out new programs to introduce, or how they can invite new people, or how the pastor should talk about different stuff in his sermons…

Why do I think we are dying? Because we are missing the point. The most important thing – the POINT of Christianity is being able to live life WITH God. To be able to experience His presence – to be able to follow his leading, to do His will, and not be destroyed by our own selfishness and ignorance.

We’ve missed it though. We talk about what we can do, try to please the people sitting in the pew instead of the one the people in the pew supposedly adore.

Honestly? I think we’ve taken God out of church and replaced Him with people.

Someone was talking about their grandchild today and how they never liked going to church… the more I thought about it, the more I began to wonder… who actually experiences God when they come to church anymore? Sure, those of us who know God, who pray and meet with Him a regular basis, we can “get into” things and have a few “God moments.”

But how long has it been since someone who DIDN’T know God walked into one of our services and was blown away, not by us, but by the all-powerful, all-loving, all-knowing God??


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