I have no idea how regular Mommy-bloggers do it. When in the world do you all find time to sit down and type? Like really?? I admire you all just for typing stuff out, and doubly more for it making sense and contributing wisdom to the electronic universe!

As I mentioned before, I am now a Mom to a beautiful 4 month old and it is now a BIG part of my life. For those of you to whom these terms mean something, I am a cloth diapering, part-time co-sleeping & ECing, wannabe baby-wearing Mom. When you become a Mom, or when you know you are going to become a Mom, at some point panic ensues and you have NO idea how you are going to do it. Then you learn a little bit more about what different people say you should do and you have even LESS of an idea what you should do 🙂 But then through a little bit of trial & error, a fair bit of trusting your instincts… You get the hang of it. Or at the very least you get the hang of the fact that every time you get the hang of it something is going to change. But hey, what do I know? I’ve only been at this for 4 months.

However, I do know that just as my life has gone through a bit of a transformation so too will this blog. I’m still hoping to write posts about faith, church etc but I will also be posting about other things affecting my life – motherhood included. So, if you are used to me trying to sound all intelligent, insightful and philosophical know that those posts will still exist but be warned that I might also talk about things like sleep-deprivation and poo as well. 🙂

Until Next Time!